Libya should not fall into the hands of terrorists

Published 25.12.2019 16:08
Updated 27.12.2019 02:24

When it comes to Turkey so-called "Turkey Experts" of European newspapers with the expectations of "Turkish opposition circles" that they represent will write opinions on the same content. When elections or referendums are being conducted in Turkey, almost always on the same newspapers and journals, "opinions" against the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government and in support of certain opposition names that have recently been made newsworthy will be put into work. Names that have been rolled out against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are often polished to be glorified and in this manner, the European public opinion is misinformed.

In the previous elections regarding opposition candidates, such opinions were penned that if opposition members were to read these exaggerated opinions, even they would be surprised. Recently, a certain mayor is the new name that has been commissioned to certain writers and is now popping up in a similar manner. Always, with statements like "this time Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's job is cut out for him," a certain opinion is being formed in the public opinion stating "that the end of AK Party sovereignty is close."

And always these commentators are getting disappointed and causing the same disappointment in the public opinion.

Similarly, in order to tarnish Turkey's war against terror, the opinion that "Turkey is supporting Daesh" is formed in this manner. The lies stating that the PKK terrorist organization's Syrian extension PYD/YPG "is not a terrorist organization and is fighting against Daesh" took place in the comments so many times that European public opinion eventually believed these lies. Turkey's operations in Syria, supported by Syrians for the steps taken for a secure zone, has been attempted to be smeared by the same German and Austrian journalists with comments full of lies stating "Turkey is attacking Kurds in Syria."

Regarding the Eastern Mediterranean and the rights of the Cypriot Turks and Turkey – that the Southern Cyprus Administration has attempted to seize – many opinions were penned with the same propaganda method and the lies were reflected in public opinion. Now it is time for Libya!

The media outlets of Europe that I have mentioned above began a heavy "operation" of confusion in the last days with so-called analyses regarding "Turkey's partnership with Libya" and "a possible interference from Turkey to Libya." Again, as always, opinions penned from a single center but with different signatures, are attempting to tarnish Turkey's cooperation with Libya.

European "writers," that we know very well, in recent articles are almost applauding the situation that "Turkey and Russia have differing policies regarding Libya" and sharing this as a development against Turkey with their readers. We are able to read their worries in between the lines, regarding a possible "agreement between Turkey and Russia on Libya" following Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Turkey that will take place in January 2020, in which these matters will be discussed. But they are intending to keep the European public opinion under the effect of an operation of perception regarding Libya in which they are stating that "Russia and Turkey already have differing policies regarding Crimea, Cyprus and northern Syria and now Libya is going to be a part of this."

They are almost celebrating the fact that Russia is supporting the terrorist Haftar and Turkey is supporting Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj in the civil war in Libya.

Those who are writing such comments regarding Turkey's support of the U.N.-recognized Libyan government have written nothing regarding France's support of a terrorist group within Libya in contrast to the European Union's policies.

Seriously, what is the Turkish opposing media wishing for in Europe?

Turkey, which is supporting the Libyan government – acknowledged by the U.N. and supported by the EU – is actually fighting to not let Libya fall into the hands of terrorists.

Are the journalists in Europe who are criticizing Turkey-Libya cooperation are just doing so in order to oppose Turkey, incapable of seeing what is happening in Libya? Or "does not seeing it" suit them better?

To allow the terrorist leader Hafter – who used to "participate in every kind of foul play" under the command of Gadhafi – to succeed is to let Libya be seized by terrorists! Italy, which is able to realize this reality since it is close enough to Libya to analyze the situation, is supporting Libyan President Fayez al-Sarraj, similar to Turkey.

Despite this, France is making a huge mistake by supporting the Wagner Group which consists of UAE, Egyptian and Russian legionnaires together with Haftar and his terrorists.

If European journalists are valuing EU values one bit, instead of criticizing, they should be supporting Turkey which is fighting together with the forces of democracy so Libya would not fall into terrorist's hands.

If the Haftar, which is supported by the Russian Wagner Group, UAE, Egypt and some other countries, is to come to power in Libya, the West will begin to miss Gadhafi. Because of this, it is time for all of the powers that are willing to have a democratic regime in Libya so that Libyan energy sources would not fall to the wrong hands, to begin to cooperate.

Those who are criticizing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey "just to criticize," and those who are misinforming the European public opinion regarding Libya are harming Libyan and the EU's interests in Northern Africa. Countries like the UAE and Egypt, who are not democratic, have no democratic concerns regarding Libya.

For the EU on the other hand, supporting those who are fighting against the terrorist groups that are being supported by dictators like UAE and Egypt which are oppressing their own people, is a necessity for EU values.

Turkey is by the side of those who are wishing for democracy in Libya!

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