Turkey's struggle for foreign fighters

Published 28.03.2016 01:18
Updated 28.03.2016 01:21

Sincerity is the key word here. Putting the entire burden on Turkey's shoulders, Western countries refrain from fighting DAESH. They failed to stop the risk posed by DAESH because of their own negligence.

The terrorist attacks in Brussels following the chain of explosions in Ankara sounded alarms in the West. However, it was quickly revealed that steps taken by Western states against DAESH were far from sufficient. According to a statement from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey, which is accused of acting weakly against DAESH, deported one of the attackers responsible for the Brussels attacks. And Brussels released him immediately. According to news reports, the police liaison officer of Belgium in Istanbul failed to inform his capital about the intelligence given by his Turkish colleagues. The Belgian government was shaken by the information that one of the Brussels bombers was freed by authorities in Brussels.

Since 2011, Turkey has deported 3,290 foreign terrorist fighters from 95 countries and refused 38,269 individuals entry to Turkey.

DAESH, as a useful instrument for some countries to realize their long-term goals, is permitted to act in a framework. Global powers need to confront their own hypocrisy in their so-called combat against DAESH.

In a recent article published in French newspaper Le Monde, the Syrian opposition accused the CIA of not taking the necessary measures to battle DAESH on the Aleppo-Azaz axis in Syria. We should note this.

The fourth Nuclear Security Summit will be held in the United States on Wednesday. Let us hope that with this opportunity, global powers will be more sincere than ever in their combat against terrorism.

Western diplomats in charge for Can Dündar

Western diplomats did not lose the opportunity to attend to the trial for Cumhuriyet's Editor-in-Chief Can Dündar.

Of course, as foreign diplomats, they have the right to observe the political developments in the country in which they are based.

However, one should absolutely draw a line between observing and providing support for criminals as well as putting pressure on justice.

I cannot stop myself from asking if a foreign diplomat in Brussels would attend the trial of Salah Abdeslam, responsible for Paris attack.

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