National unity against the invasion attempt

Published 07.08.2016 22:30

The Yenikapı gathering is an appointment to mark the national unity for democracy in the country

It is clearer now. The night of July 15 was an attempted invasion of Turkey more than a failed coup.

Turkish jets bombed Parliament and assassination teams were mobilized against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Following the reaction and tolerance of the Western media of the coup plotters, we can understand the international dimensions of the coup attempt.

Journalists like Stephen Kinzer commented in their columns that unless President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan leaves his presidential post, it is impossible for Turkish-American relations to improve, again giving a clear clue concerning the position of the Western world on the failed coup attempt in Turkey.

However, the Turkish people and the democratic formations of the country, including three leading political parties, civil society organizations and business networks are mobilized to show their attachment to the unity of the nation and democracy.

The resistance of the Turkish people against the coup after Erdoğan's call increased the standards of democracy.

The Yenikapı rally is about to start while I write this column, and thousands have already filled the rally grounds. No specific political party slogan will be allowed, as the Yenikapı gathering is an appointment to mark the national unity for democracy in the country.

I hope the international press will put their prejudice aside and will report the clear picture of anti-coup unity in Turkey and will be empathetic to the Turkish people whose democracy was bombed by coup plotters.

TO BE NOTEDWhile the response of the Turkish people against the coup following Erdoğan's call was a clear sign of the level of democracy in Turkey, we should remember that certain news reports from some journalists in Turkey had paved the way toward the coup in Turkey.

As the main aim of the coup plotters and their allies is to criminalize Erdoğan and the Turkish people who condemn the coup, some journalists like Can Dündar served the interests of the coup plotters.

His decision to leave the country just days before the coup is a clear sign that he got the "smell" of the coup, if not having received information on it.

Now, these are the days in a country whose attachment to democracy and the people's anti-coup reaction is being shown.

Such betrayals are also being noted in the conscience of the people.

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