Germany and the PKK

Published 27.11.2016 23:16

Germany, like the other EU member states, is giving unbelievable support for anything and everything anti-Turkey

History continues to record the obvious "brotherhood" between the PKK terrorist organization and the German "establishment."

In a recent "judicial" decision, Turkey was accused of having supported Daesh and as a result of this conclusion, a PKK member has been released to the applause of other PKK supporters in the court hall.

No matter, thousands of PKK militants are being refused extradition to Turkey and the PKK and the Turkish state are seen as equal factions.

A Hamburg court made reference to the PKK's so-called fight against Daesh since 2013 and praised the "political struggle" of the PKK terrorists in a scandalous statement.

Since the terrorist organization became a perfect tool for the German government regarding its regional chessboard, some unbelievable decisions have been taken by the German administration.

It is obvious that the EU member states made a perfect "distribution of tasks" concerning Turkey within the framework of a "carrot and sticks" policy.

While Germany acts as a locomotive in its actions against Turkey, other leading members of the 28-nation union play the role of "concerned friends for the ‘bien-etre' of their ally."

However, they delegate some smaller members to put mines and barriers in front of Turkey, concerning its relationship with the union.

The decision by the Austrian parliament to ban weapons sales to Turkey can be evaluated within this framework. Since Austria is not a reference country for weapons sales, it is just trying the make the public become accustomed to the use of the word "embargo" in the same sentence as "Turkey."

A recent report by the European Parliament proposing the end of accession talks between the EU and Turkey is just a recent link in the chain of this "carrots and sticks" policy.

It is clear that the EU leaders' summit to convene in mid-December will not end with the decision to halt accession talks with Turkey.

The success of the Turkish people to overcome the coup attempt on July 15 and the strong attachment of the Turkish people to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the main matter of concern for the EU. To be frank, the EU is frustrated with the failure of the coup attempt. That is why there has been an unbelievable level of support given to everybody who is against Turkey.

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