President Erdoğan as a target of the Western media


Western media has been presenting a certain image of the Turkish leader since the Gezi Park protests in 2013, which was the starting point of the chain of global operations against Turkey.

Since then, there has not been a single day that we have not witnessed a manipulative story or negative portrayal of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The most recent symptom of the West's anti-Turkey stance or anti-Erdoğan illness has appeared on Swedish state TV, though they did take a step back a week after the broadcast of a documentary about Erdoğan.

Nearly a month ago, I was personally asked to be interviewed by Swedish journalist Bengt Norborg, who said that he was preparing a documentary on Erdoğan's "powerful leadership."

Because I'm a journalist for 21 years, I am quite familiar with this kind of negative approach in the Western media on Erdoğan and Turkey, and thus I told him and Tuğba Tekerek, the Turkey-based fixer for the Swedish TV crew, that I would consent to being interviewed if I was free to talk about the reality, based on facts, and free to speak sincerely.

The Swedish journalists persuaded me that the documentary would not be a stereotypical anti-Turkey product and we made the interview.

The Swedish crew then went to the Güneysu district of Turkey's northern province of Rize where President Erdoğan's relatives live, to conduct additional interviews with them for the documentary.

Three weeks later, I was shocked when I saw the documentary, which aired absurd content.

President Erdoğan was being equated to the leaders of India and the Philippines in the documentary.

I immediately called the fixer and the Swedish journalist while some Turkish citizens living in Sweden also reacted to the broadcasting of unbelievable and fake content in the documentary.

Following the reactions, a very positive video on my interview was broadcast by the Swedish TV station, which this time pleased the Turkish citizens in Sweden.

And later, the Swedish journalist apologized for the fake content.

I am still unable to understand what the reason was for comparing President Erdoğan with the leader of the Philippines.

But one thing is for sure, the Western media does not like us, no matter what and of course, they do not like President Erdoğan either.

All they do is make propaganda about nothing. I can objectively say that President Erdoğan represents the main barrier in front of the international hegemonic plans concerning the border changes in Turkey's neighborhood.

That is why they keep endlessly attacking him and Turkey. That documentary was only one of the examples of the Western view.

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