Merkel tries to change the focus of attention

Published 24.08.2017 01:40

Instead of focusing on Germany's own problems, Merkel is trying to change voters' focus to Turkey with baseless accusations and provoking a crisis with Ankara

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will face a tough test in the Sept. 24 elections in her country, is trying to change the focus of attention in the election campaign. Nothing else can explain the irresponsible statements coming from her and other leading German officials.

There is now no single occasion when Merkel does not reference Turkey, which sometimes passes the limits of the long-term alliance between Ankara and Berlin. Recently, she expressed her opposition to an updated version of the customs union between Ankara and the European Union – a deal that brings advantages to the EU, as well.

However, media reports reveal a serious rise in poverty and inequality in Germany that risks derailing Merkel's election hopes and that Merkel ignores deliberately. In addition, her so-called open-door policy causes uneasiness in the country, while the abovementioned rise in poverty and inequality is the second-most important challenge facing the country.

In terms of assets of ownership and educational outcomes of poorer children, according to a recent TV poll, Germany ranks badly.

Instead of focusing on those problems, Merkel is trying to change voters' focus to Turkey with baseless accusations and provoking a crisis with Ankara.

It is a tradition since former President Nicolas Sarkozy of France to use Turkey as a pawn in European election campaigns – campaigns based on hatred of Islam, xenophobia and racism.

Of course, a Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician cannot publicly defend an argument that excludes Muslims, foreigners, different identities and immigrants.

If one references Turkey, 3 millions citizens of which live in Germany, they at the same time would mention a Muslim country and an identity other than the official white identity of Europe, sending a warm message to extreme right voters.

The rise of the extreme right in European countries, including Germany, will nourish election campaigns, as such political messages will feed its rise. This will be a mutual, unavoidable process if serious measures are not taken to prevent that symbiotic relationship.

And it is not a secret that Germany has for a while been trying to orchestrate a front against Turkey that could be mobilized for governmental change in Turkey.

Following the July 15 coup attempt, Germany officially sided with those who were active in the coup and before the April 16 referendum. It publically gave the stage to those who opposed the referendum and prohibited referendum supporters from holding rallies.

Germany blocked the right of free choice for Turkish-Germans concerning the referendum for a presidential government in Turkey.

History keeps records of all of this, which is a clear sample of an anti-democratic approach.

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