Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit for Turkish jets to be delivered next month

Published 14.04.2017 19:45

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü has said that the first batch of deliveries of the Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit developed by the Defense Industry Research and Development Institute (SAGE) of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) will be done in May and employed for the F4 and F16 fighter jets. He added, "For the mass production studies, the industrial producer organization has been identified and we are in the contract phase."

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Özlü said the Sensitive Guidance Kit, which had been previously developed by SAGE, was taken into the inventory of the Air Force Commandership and actively used in cross-border operations. Following this, the Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit was developed with local resources. The certification process of the Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit was successively completed for F4 2020 fighter jets in January and for F16 fighter jets in March.

Speaking about the technical features of the kit, the minister stated that the kit, which has been developed and produced nationally, transforms general-purpose bombs of 250 and 500 kilograms, which are in the inventory of the Air Forces Command, into long-range and air-to-ground intelligent ammunitions. The flight range of the Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit, the new member of the guidance kits family, can reach 110 kilometers. "Thanks to this range and impact capability, our fighter planes using the Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit can eliminate targets by attacking them without ever entering the threat zone," Özlü said.

Noting that the kit does not need any propulsion system for long range flights, Özlü said, "The kit transforms the energy that it gains with its high firing altitude and speed into long range by using its external geometry in the most efficient way."

The Wing-Assisted Guidance kit, which differs from other guidance kits in similar classes with its longest range, takes its precise striking feature from the integrated guiding ability of the Inertial Navigation System and the Global Positioning System. The kit, which can hit targets with precision under six meters, causes great destruction on the target and small lateral damage outside of the target.

Underlining that the Sensitive Guidance Kit led to significant achievements in the fight against terrorism, Özlü noted that the kits are produced in series by different defense industry manufacturers through technology transfer.

Özlü emphasized that they aim to improve the experience of transformation from research and development to mass production, which the SAGE has gained in kit projects, adding that they want to reflect this improvement in the production of the Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit. To this end, the National Defense Ministry, Air Forces Command and SAGE are conducting technology transfer and industrialization activities in the final phase of the Wing-Assisted Guidance Kit design and development process. As a result of studies, the first low level production started in June last year.

"We will continue to take steps to enhance Turkey's achievements in the defense industry," Özlü declared.

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