High interest in domestic armored vehicle widens export markets

Published 26.09.2017 20:04

Tunisia has become the first country to procure the latest generation of Ejder Yalçın 4x4 Tactical Armored Combat Vehicles from Turkey.

Developed by one of Turkey's leading defense contractors, Nurol Makina, Ejder Yalçın meets the operational requirements of military units and security forces operating in different regions, including rural and urban areas.

It first entered service in 2014. The second generation of the vehicle, Ejder Yalçın II was delivered last year while work on the latest generation, Ejder Yalçın III, has been completed.

Ejder Yalçın armored vehicles have increasingly been used by Turkish security forces and have also attracted attention from abroad. Besides Tunisia, the vehicle is on the shopping list of ten other countries and is currently being tested by three.

The armored combat vehicle has already proved itself operating under different geographical conditions including in deserts, under high temperatures and sand, as well as swamps, rocky grounds, and mountainous terrain.

Turkish security forces have so far received 400 of these vehicles, while around 50 of them were exported abroad.

In addition to the ongoing production, new orders coming from abroad this year are expected to exceed 100 percent.

Nurol Makina's original design, Ejder Yalçın, can act effectively in every region with the highest level of protection in its class.

Thanks to its high utility payload capacity and unique vehicle control software, the vehicle can be configured in different versions and therefore customized for different applications.

Ejder Yalçın 4x4 offers special solutions to the different operational requirements of users with customizations such as Border Surveillance and Security Vehicle, Air Defense Vehicle, Reconnaissance Vehicle, Command and Control Vehicle, Mine/IED Detection-Clearance Vehicle, Combat Vehicle, Personnel Carrier, CBRN Surveillance Vehicle, Tactical Missile Carriage/Launch System and Armored Ambulance.

The vehicle provides high protection against ballistic threats, mine explosions, hand-made explosives and lateral blasts.

With its performance against hand-made explosives in the service of the security forces, Ejder Yalçın demonstrated its credibility against such threats.

The vehicle can carry up to 11 people depending on the purpose of use and has a gross weight of 14 tons. It also has a payload capacity up to four tons, depending on the configuration of the vehicle.

The vehicle, which can easily be integrated with different weapons systems, can operate between -32 degrees Celsius and 55 degrees Celsius .

With a range of 700 kilometers, Ejder Yalçın can reach speeds up to 120 kilometers per hour.

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