Turkey ready to work with Russia to calm tensions: PM Davutoğlu writes for the Times

EMRE BAŞARAN @ebasaran49
Published 27.11.2015 01:57
Turkey ready to work with Russia to calm tensions: PM Davutoğlu writes for the Times

In an opinion piece published on Thursday in the Times newspaper of the UK, Turkish premier emphasized his country's willingness to find constructive solutions for the raising tensions between Ankara and Moscow. Stating that Turkey is ready to cooperate with its strategic partner Russia, Davutoğlu added that a common ground can be found to calm tensions

Turkey will work with Russia and its allies to calm tensions after a Russian jet was downed near the Syrian border, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said in an opinion piece published on Thursday in UK's Times newspaper.

Davutoğlu said that discussions were taking place in the wake of the incident, which has deeply strained the relations between Ankara and Moscow.

"The necessary discussions are now taking place," Davutoğlu said in the piece. "While the measures to defend our territory will remain in place, Turkey will work with Russia and its allies to calm tensions," he stated.

Emphasizing Turkey's commitment to fight Daesh terror, he said that the countries conducting joint fight against the terrorist organization must not be distracted from their goal. Turkish PM also underlined the fact that any distraction from the main goal of fighting against Daesh will keep the militant organization and the Syrian regime alive.

Touching on the Ankara and Paris attacks carried out by Daesh, Davutoğlu said the countries should focus on overcoming the "international threat that Daesh poses." Turkish premier also added that nations should unite to find a solution to the current refugee crisis which is a direct consequence of the continuous civil war in Syria.

Davutoğlu emphasized the fact that the ideological mindset Daesh bears has nothing to do with Islam, saying "Daesh worships death and rejects life, and has nothing to do with religion. The Muslim World can and will do more to demonstrate that in relation to Islam."

Urging the non-Muslim world to make the distinction between militants and peaceful Muslims, he said "The non-Muslim World should make the distinction between terrorists and their false claim to legitimacy and not be drawn into a so-called clash of civilisations."

Davutoğlu also added that the international community has failed to focus on combating the spread of Daesh in Syria. Implying Russia's airstrikes on Turkmen-majority areas and opposition-controlled areas in western Syria where there is no Daesh presence, he said "Instead, non-Daesh positions have been bombed, as well as groups fighting the Assad regime."

Turkish PM further underlined the importance of unity for an effective fight against Daesh terror. "This is the time to stand firm against Daesh," he said, saying "Collective action that harnesses the varying strengths of the US, the EU, Russia, Turkey and others can, and will, turn the tide."

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