Serbian Embassy in Turkey comments on allegation of PKK using Serbian snipers


The Serbian Embassy in Ankara commented on an allegation on Sunday about reports published in several Turkish media outlets, including Daily Sabah, that the PKK terror organization employs Serbian mercenary snipers in its terrorist attacks in Turkey's southeast.

The statement indicated that the Republic of Serbia strongly opposes any participation of its citizens in any armed conflicts in third countries. "The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia has passed a law that sharply sanctions any such activity. Bearing in mind that the allegations cannot and should not be in any case or way related to the official policy or activities of the Republic of Serbia and its institutions. The embassy expects to be officially informed about the case by the Turkish side so the relevant Turkish and Serbian institutions can work together on its clarification in the aim of the fight against terrorism," the statement from the embassy said.

It was previously claimed through media reports that recent intelligence information suggests PKK's correspondents in Europe employed Serbian mercenary snipers and a PKK sniper killed in southeastern Cizre town was a Serbian national. Three of the eight snipers were claimed to have been killed by Turkish security forces so far.

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