Swedish migration agency walks back FETÖ statement

Published 05.08.2016 21:24

After the Turkish Embassy in Sweden sent an official letter to Swedish Migration Board Director General Anders Danielsson expressing Ankara's concerns and urging its immediate revision of the description of Fethullah Gülen, Migrations Verket removed its description of U.S.-based terrorist organization leader Gülen that referred to him as an "opposition leader."

The Swedish Migration Agency Migrations Verket initially referred to Gülenists as "the supporters of opposition leader Fethullah Gülen," which has since been revised to read, "supporters of Fethullah Gülen and people with credible political opposition activities" after Turkish Ambassador in Stockholm Kaya Türkmen sent an official letter stressing that the remarks by the Swedish Migration Agency are unacceptable and urging Swedish authorities to immediately revise their remarks.

Swedish authorities said on Wednesday that they would not extradite asylum seekers to Turkey despite their "reliable connections" to the attempted military coup. The Swedish Migration Agency's decision came just three days after the Gülenist Terror Organization's (FETÖ) coup attempt. Migrations Verket said asylum seekers with "credible activity in political opposition" were also included among "risk groups."

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