Hundreds of youth from around the world condemn attempted coup at OIC summer camp

Published 13.08.2016 13:41
Updated 14.08.2016 13:08

Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC) organized the 1. Democracy Camp in Turkey's southern Antalya province to condemn the recent bloody coup attempt by the rogue factions linked to Gülenist terror-cult (FETÖ) , with nearly 300 young representatives from 56 different countries.

A declaration titled "Support Turkey and Democracy" was accepted by the participants, voicing their condemnation for the July 15 coup attempt and their support for the Turkish democracy. The youth from various countries criticized the Western media's stance on the coup attempt and added that the West failed to support Turkish nation during the coup attempt.

The participants also called for a social media campaign with the hashtag #YouthWithTurkey.

The workshop's opening was attended by Antalya Vice Governor Mestan Yayman, AK Party Istanbul Deputy and Founding Chairman of ICYF-DC Ali Sarıkaya, and AK Party Youth Branch Chairman Melih Ecertaş.

"The aim of the coup was to damage Turkish state, Turkish nation, which has been on the rise since 2002, with the ally states that Turkey has embraced,"€Ali Sarıkaya said.

The camp and workshops, under the theme of 'Youth in Action for Peace, Cooperation and Common Value', will continue until August 24.

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