Turkey is of extreme importance to us, German FM spox says

Published 28.04.2017 17:07
Turkey is of extreme importance to us, German FM spox says

Martin Schaefer, spokesperson for the German Foreign Ministry, stated on Friday during a press conference in Berlin that Turkey is of extreme importance to the EU and that the period of mutual silence should end.

Schaefer's statement came just before the informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Malta, which was taking place on the same day.

During the press conference, Schaefer also stressed that Germany did not want EU accession talks with Turkey to be terminated and that this would be one of the issues to be discussed during the Malta meeting.

He also reminded that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel had already expressed their views in Malta in the sense that halting EU accession talks with Turkey would not be a good idea.

Although various countries expressed different opinions regarding Turkey's EU accession, Schafer said he did not expect the meeting in Malta to agree on a negative decision and halt the process.

He underlined the importance of a constructive dialogue after the political tensions which had arisen during the past months.

"In spite of all our different views and in spite of all problems, we believe that the best way is to find a new format for negotiations together with our European partners and Turkey", Schaefer said, adding that the EU and Turkey should sort out both their differences and commonalities in a constructive way.

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