Turkish, Polish youth paving way for better ties: Polish envoy

Published 23.09.2017 00:16

Poland's Ambassador to Ankara Maciej Lang highlighted the important role of young students, recently participating in the Erasmus program, in forging strong relations between Poland and Turkey.

"As Turkey's young generation, you are the ones who will improve relations between our country, Poland and the EU," Lang said when speaking at the "Erasmus + Picnic" program at the Polish Embassy in Ankara on Sept. 21.

Turkish Deputy Secretary for the Ministry of EU Affairs Ahmet Yücel and the head of economic and social development for the EU delegation to Turkey, François Begeot, attended the picnic, along with Polish and Turkish Erasmus foreign exchange students.

Speaking at the event, Yücel contended that relations between the two countries will be taken one step further as a result of Ambassador Lang's contributions. Yücel also pointed out that the Erasmus exchange students serve as "cultural ambassadors" when they return to their home countries, stressing that the Ersamus program contributes significantly to the prevention and eradication of xenophobia. He also emphasized the essential role Erasmus students play in forging relations between their home and host countries.

Welcoming the high numbers of students that visit Poland from Turkey every year, Lang said 3,000 Turkish students visit Poland per annum, underlining that Turkish students rank second after Spanish students in terms of those who prefer Poland as their choice country for Erasmus program attendance.

François Begeot told Daily Sabah, "The program is essential for Turkey as nearly 30,000 students have participated in the program since 2004. Our students have had great opportunities, including the chance to learn a foreign language."

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