FETÖ suspect detained in Kosovo, awaits extradition decision to Turkey

Published 28.10.2017 16:56

A Kosovo court says a Turkish man will be held under arrest for up to 40 days as authorities decide whether he should be extradited to Ankara to face charges of Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) membership.

A statement Saturday said the court will decide whether Uğur Toksoy should be extradited to Turkey, which has issued an international arrest warrant for him.

Kosovo's KTV private television station reports that Toksoy, who was working for a non-governmental foundation in Kosovo, was arrested Friday in Prizren, western Kosovo.

Prizren Chief Prosecutor Admir Shala told Turkey's official Anadolu Agency that Toksoy was transferred to capital Pristina and a special prosecutor was assigned to his case.

Special Prosecutor Ali Rexha confirmed that Toksoy has been detained.

Toksoy is reportedly associated with the Gülenist schools and associations in Kosovo.

The failed coup attempt launched by FETÖ on July 15, 2016 killed 250 people and injured more than 2,200 others.

The group is being accused of a long-running campaign to infiltrate in state institutions and overthrow the government.

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