Japan, Turkey can enhance cooperation, says Japanese envoy

Japan, Turkey can enhance cooperation, says Japanese envoy

Shotaro Oshima, the chairman of the Institute for International Economic Studies and former Japanese Ambassador told Daily Sabah that Japan and Turkey, which plays a key role in its respective region, can improve their ties despite their physical distances.

''Japan and Turkey are located on the opposite sides of a huge continent. Maybe we can work together in between," the Japanese diplomat said at a panel in Ankara Wednesday titled "The Changing International Order: The Perspectives of Japan and Turkey."
The former envoy also highlighted the significance of Turkey's geographical location in its respective region saying that Turkey is a country that has an important role to play at the center of the region which enables openings to other countries.
He pointed out that Turkey can help Japan to improve their relations between Asia and added that Turkey might have an advantage because of its ethnic origins.
Commenting on the national security threats Japan faces during his speech, Oshima pointed to the increased number of nuclear missile tests launched from North Korea.
He said denuclearization of North Korea is necessary because the missiles have been posing a threat to Japan and other countries.
Touching on the recent reports that the White House would impose tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on imported aluminum, Oshima stressed that it would have an impact on Japan and Turkey.

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