Turkey condemns Israel's demolition of Bedouin village in West Bank

Published 05.07.2018 23:41
emEPA Photo/em
EPA Photo

Turkey on Thursday "strongly" condemned the Israeli army's demolition of the Palestinian Bedouin houses in Abu Nuwar.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry also condemned "the start of preparations for demolishing in the Bedouin region of Khan Al-Ahmar in the occupied Palestinian territories".

"These acts carried out by the Israeli authorities with impunity jeopardize the contiguous and independent Palestinian State perspective," it said.

The ministry urged Israel to end "its illegal activities which exacerbate tensions in the region and undermine the two-state solution vision."

Under 1995 Oslo agreement between Israel and Palestine, the West Bank was divided into A, B and C areas. The administrative and security authority of the area A was given to Palestine while the administration of area B was given to Palestine but security to Israel, while in area C areas, both administration and security authority, were given to Israel.

The 700-person strong Abu Nuwar Bedouin community, who are in the area C, refused to leave their villages despite continuous threats and pressures from the Israeli authority.

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