MİT gives weight to diplomatic intelligence, agency's head says

Published 08.07.2019 00:05

The head of the Turkish National Intelligence Agency (MİT) said that the institution attaches great importance to diplomatic intelligence along with standard methods. According to the 2018 activity report published on MİT's website, the agency's head Hakan Fidan said that MİT's activities have been shaped according to the functioning of the international system and with evolving necessities.

"Our agency aims to increase predictability against threats, quickly mobilize and timely transmit the right information to related institutions," he said. Stressing that the agency handles internal and external threats accordingly to national interests and increases Turkey's visibility in the regional and international area, Fidan said MİT also meticulously carries out diplomatic intelligence.

The agency's head also noted that MİT performed its responsibilities in 2018 with holistic and inclusive aspects, adding that their work included establishing new units, using different disciplines together and updating its physical and technical capacities.

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