New economic package to pave way for new investments

Published 28.06.2016 23:25

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said they would announce a revolutionary economy-oriented package on July 4, the day before bayram, or Eid al-Fitr, starts, to meet the expectations of various sections of society, revive markets and pave the way for investments in the eastern and southeastern Anatolia. Explaining that they are aware the market is experiencing tightness and congestion, Yıldırım said: "As a holiday gospel, we will share the good news that will meet the expectations of various sections of society regarding southeastern Anatolia and the economy."

The detections and points of the economy package that interest several sections of society from the development move eastward to citizens having difficulties paying general health insurance premiums, new opportunities for 350,000 citizens and providing support to tourism officials include:

Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project: Infrastructure development and rehabilitation projects will be revived in provinces and districts where counter-terrorism operations are complete. All destroyed building will be rebuilt as well as special green city centers.

Attraction centers: Four attraction centers will be built in the regions. Growth-oriented urban centers will be established along with these attraction spots. The main purpose of the attraction centers is to unearth the historical texture of the cities along with the projects, which are meant to improve the tourism potential of the cities.

No rent, five-year guarantee: The state will manage infrastructure operations of these centers and they will be handled as special areas for five years. The state will build factories and the private sector will operate them. Space will be provided for producers free of charge.

Investment move eastward: Purchase-investment guarantees will be given to companies that make investments in the region that respond to the consumption need of the public. All the requirements that the public needs from hospital equipment to uniforms, blankets and files will be provided from here.

The state will provide half of capital: The state will reach out to those who want to build factories in the east but do not have the capital by providing 50 percent.

Special incentive to firms: Person-based incentives will be provided to firms that produce the main technologies of the sectors, in particular the energy and steel-iron sectors. For example, firms producing pieces for nuclear plants will not pay taxes. The state will choose a few firms and motivate them to produce, for example, "communication, computer and appliances among others."

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