Turkey's Sovereign Wealth Fund to ease financing for megaprojects

Published 29.08.2016 00:00

Turkey's Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) will aim to eliminate financing issues for megaprojects, often the biggest obstacle a project can face. It is also expected to turn domestic firms into global players in the fields of defense, aviation and software. Following the publication of the government's decision to create a SWF in the official gazette, the Prime Ministry-led Turkish Wealth Sovereign Fund Management Inc. was established with an estimated capital of TL 50 million ($16.93 million).

With the said fund, it will be easier to access finance for large-scale projects such as Channel Istanbul, Istanbul's third airport, the Three-level Istanbul Tunnel Project, high-speed train projects and a nuclear power plant. By realizing these types of projects over a shorter period at lower cost, Turkey will increase its visibility on the international stage.

The SWF will also make a positive contribution to employment by creating new job opportunities for thousands of people.

Investments in energy projects will speed up

As well as the infrastructural investments crucial to Turkey's development, energy projects will also gain momentum thanks to the SWF. The realization of strategic projects such as oil, natural gas, renewable energy and nuclear power plant will be a lot easier thanks to the SWF.

The said fund will also pave the way for domestic firms operating in the fields of defense, software and pharmaceuticals to make a name for themselves globally. By backing the projects with capital and project bases, Turkey has the chance to turn into a global power in these fields.

Turkey is not the only country with an SWF

Being the only country without a SWF among the G-20 countries, Turkey aims to expand the size of its fund to $200 billion.

By turning underground and overland projects into movable and immovable properties, the said fund will increase the depth of the Borsa Istanbul (BIST) Stock Exchange and the capital markets.

In this transparent fund, predominantly public securities, bonds, investment funds and various projects will be bid for through the partnership, and invested in.

The SWF will also provide access to time deposits and a participation account, the purchase and sale of capital market instruments, repurchase agreements, leasing and real estate certificates, participation in the investments made by other states or foreign companies, and other investment instruments.

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