Turkish gov't to introduce series of strategic decisions in employment mobilization

Published 18.07.2017 00:00

As employment mobilization continues, the government is preparing for a new move that will implement a series of strategic decisions regarding the information, finance, construction, health, tourism, agriculture, textiles and ready-to-wear sectors. Consisting of 20 main constituents, the National Employment Strategy includes training for 500,000 tourism professionals, the recruitment of 10,000 information technology (IT) specialists every year, premium regulations or flexible working staff, maternity leave and consultancy services for white-collar workers.

In the scope of the government's National Employment Strategy and the 2017-2019 Action Plan, 500,000 young people will be provided labor force training in the tourism sector and 400,000 employees in the tourism sector will be provided on-the-job training. Seasonal employment will be eliminated, as well as clandestine employment in the sector and failure to report labor wages will be eliminated. Employment in the tourism sector will increase by 80 percent.

A total of 10,000 IT specialists will be trained yearly and job opportunities for nearly 100,000 IT specialists will be created by 2023.

The government is also planning to design a labor market information-monitoring system, and improve the capacity of education and training to meet the labor market requirements.Women who migrate from villages will receive lessons to help them enter the labor force. Business and counseling services will be provided for all individuals of working age who receive welfare benefits.

National occupational standards will be prepared in the finance sector. Flexible conditions will be provided regarding premium days in flexible worker's leave and maternity leave. The forms of flexible working will be supported with the social security system, the acquired rights of works will be protected and their employability will be ensured as part of economic and social rights.

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