8th Bosporus Summit to discuss challenges of globalization


The Eighth Bosporus Summit organized by the International Cooperation Platform (UIP - ICP), will take place from Nov. 28-30 under the auspices of the presidency of the Republic of Turkey. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is also expected to deliver an honorary speech at the event.

Welcoming politicians and leaders from the business world in order to provide a platform for sustainable cooperation from different sectors and promote Turkey effectively on a regional and global scale, this year's summit will be held under the theme of "Design of the Future: The New Challenge of Globalization."

Under this title, the impact of disruptive technologies, stagnating incomes, low growth, low productivity, geopolitical conflicts and environmental crisis will be discussed in elaboration with inquiries into risks and opportunities and the ways to address the distribution of globalization benefits as well as the fourth industrial revolution.

At the Eighth Bosporus Summit, 37 concurrent panels focusing on banking, finance, telecommunication, energy, construction and transportation will be held with a close look at the sectors' current status and future agenda.

In the last seven years, the Bosporus Summit brought together more than 2,000 exhibitors and nearly 200 senior bureaucrats and business leaders from more than 70 countries, with a trade volume of nearly $3.3 trillion.

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