AK Party Vice Chairman: Party’s grassroots base supports AK Party-MHP coalition

Published 29.06.2015 19:29
AK Party Vice Chairman: Party’s grassroots base supports AK Party-MHP coalition

AK Party's vice chairman and spokesman, Beşir Atalay said on a live TV program Monday that the party's grassroots base supports an AK Party – MHP coalition. However, Atalay added that AK Party's coalition choice would also depend on other factors, such as the upcoming meetings with other parties.

In Turkey's June 7 general elections, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) received 40.66 percent of the votes, thereby claiming 258 seats in the Parliament, just 18 short to form a simple majority government. Since then, Turkey has been puzzled with coalition options.

Another point to be solved is the issue of election of a parliamentary speaker. The elections regarding this matter will take place on June 30. Candidates from four parties represented in Parliament will strive to get support from opposition parties. Beşir Atalay also touched upon the issue of parliamentary speaker election, saying, the AK Party deputies will vote for their own candidate, İsmet Yılmaz. He said, "No other plan is of the question."

Atalay also commented on potential military operation rumors into Syria's northern town of Jarabulus by Turkish Armed Forces against the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). He said, Turkish Armed Forces' entry into Syria is Turkey's last option, only when "there is no other way." There is no such plan on the table, according to Atalay, who said, "We are working on all other methods."

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