Referendum monitored with 2,199 cameras: Interior minister

Published 17.04.2017 00:36

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu visited the Intelligence Evaluation, Analysis and Coordination Center and received information regarding their works on the election security yesterday. He said they have taken all the measures in order to provide security and peace nationwide.

"We are monitoring how the election goes and the security level throughout the country with almost 2,199 cameras," Soylu said while adding that two helicopters were also providing security over air.

"Up until now, there has been some armed cases especially in Southeastern Turkey in which two people were injured and two people were killed. Both were the result of the election disputes. We are evaluating the analysis of both election related and non-related cases in this center," he said.

Soylu also said that some of the wanted people were captured while voting.

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