Survey shows newly established Good Party under 10 pct support


Despite claims from the leader of the newly established İYİ Party (Good Party), Meral Akşener, that her party will represent all circles in Turkey, an Optimar Research Company survey found that many voters do not want to vote for Akşener, in a sign that the Good Party will not able to pass 10 percent election threshold.

According to a survey carried out with 1,547 participants from 26 provinces, the Good Party's vote rate would be lower than that ofthe pro-PKK Democratic People's Party (HDP), at 6,4 percent, if an election were held today. The survey says that if an election were held now, the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) would get 50.6 percent of vote, the Republican People's Party (CHP) 23.3 percent, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) 9.9 percent, the HDP 7.8 percent and the Good Party 6.4 percent. In response to the question: "Do you think that Turkey needs a new political party?" 57.8 percent of participants said that there is no need for a new party.

The survey also found that 11.8 percent of those who were interviewed believe that Akşener's new party has affiliations with the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ). The survey found that 70.7 percent of interviewees know that Akşener formed a party and 85.5 percent said they know the name of the party, but would not vote in favor of the Good Party.

The head of Optimar Research Company, Hilmi Daşdemir, on the survey results, said: "According to the survey, the opposition will be further split." He added that the AK Party seems to be protecting its vote share.

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