Turkey’s largest hybrid power plant established in İzmir

Published 26.06.2015 23:53

A Turkish university has established Turkey's largest hybrid power plant in its campus in western city of Izmir, setting a good example of a renewable energy project.

The hybrid power plant of Gediz University located in the 3,000 square meter student car park area produces 500 kW per hour, which can approximately meet the electricity demand of around 100 houses. The project costs 2.2 million liras and has been provided 1 million lira support by Renewable Energy and Environment Technologies Financial Support Program of İzmir Development Agency.

The 3,000square meter car park area has been covered with 1,600 solar panels and a wind turbine was planted. The university can meet 60 percent of its electricity demand and save around $130,000 per year. The eco-friendly project will also prevent 450 tons of carbon release.

Gediz University Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Abdullah Kavuk, said the university has taken a leading part in renewable energy field and they want to raise environmental awareness across the country.

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