Iran wants to sell more gas to Turkey

Published 08.09.2016 23:46 Modified 08.09.2016 23:46

Dr. Mansour Moazami, Iran's deputy minister of Industry, Mine and Trade, said the country wanted to increase the amount of natural gas they consign to Turkey. Speaking on the natural gas trade between Turkey and Iran yesterday, Moazami said the talks about the issue between the two countries are only regarding price.

Noting that the pricing issue in the natural gas trade can be solved, Moazami said both parties can agree on it. "We want to increase the amount of natural gas we send to our neighbor, friend and fellow country Turkey," Moazami said, suggesting that this problem will be solved over negotiations and therefore the amount of natural gas Iran sends to Turkey will increase.

Stressing that Iran could not increase its oil production while sanctions were implemented, Moazami said Iran lost its market share during that time period and therefore the country wants to use all of its rights following the lifting of sanctions. "Our usual customers want to buy larger amounts of oil from us," Moazami said. "We have good customers, and we started holding talks in order to increase the oil export right after the sanctions were lifted."

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