Angel's determination to reach food attracts attention in Antalya Zoo

Published 07.04.2017 23:59
Updated 08.04.2017 01:25
Angel's determination to reach food attracts attention in Antalya Zoo

The 3-year-old chimpanzee "Angel," who was brought to Antalya Zoo six months ago and uses the sticks that fall into her cage to reach the fruit thrown to her, has been attracting great interest from visitors. Angel became the center of attention for them through her unique way of reaching her food.

The zoo, which is located on 330 acres of forest in the Kepez district and has more than 1,500 animals from 130 different species, has been attracting great attention from visitors. In addition to the animals brought from various zoo gardens, animals that are found injured in nature in the forests of the nature conservation areas and National Parks Directorates, and those that are illegally trafficked, are also included in the zoo.

The veterinarians in the zoo are responsible for the control, care and treatment of animals. The animals are placed in sections reserved for visits. Monkey cages that have many different species receive the most attention from visitors in the zoo, where predators, reptiles and violent animals are also present.

Among them, Angel, a chimpanzee who was brought to the Antalya Zoo six months ago by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, has been popular. As the animals are protected by double-row wire mesh in the zoo because of the safety measures, Angel can't reach the fruit that is thrown into the cage due to the second row. Angel therefore first finds a stick that has an appropriate length among those which fall into her enclosure from the trees.

Once she gets the appropriate stick, she can reach the fruit thrown into her cage, drags it to the bars and eats it. Angel's effort to get the fruit attracts great attention from visitors.

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