Turkish Cypriot leader expresses will to increase ties with EU

Published 31.08.2017 00:48

Turkish Cypriot President Mustafa Akıncı sent a letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, in which he emphasized the importance of continuing the process of increasing relations between the EU and Turkish Cyprus.

Asserting that the attempts to increase the relationship between the two sides in terms of being suitable to the legal acquis, should not be affected by Greek Cyprus, Akıncı said that in order to have a joint future within the EU, the EU's technical support is needed. The letter was a response to a letter from Juncker to both Akıncı and Greek Cypriot President Nico Anastasiadis.

Akıncı also thanked Juncker for his interest in the issue while evaluating the results of the Cyprus talks that took place in Switzerland, in which the EU also attended as the observer.

Expressing that Turkish Cyprus's good intentions and constructive attitude did not find a response from the other side, Akıncı stressed his disappointment in losing such a historic opportunity to reach a solution. He also said Greek Cyprus needs a mentality transformation to reach an agreement with the Turkish Cyprus, and it is obvious that it is not possible to reach a solution by insisting on using old methods.

As a response to Juncker's letter regarding the necessity of trying every possible way and building bridges between the two sides, Akıncı said Turkish Cypriots will continue to do whatever it takes to provide sustainable peace in which the divided societies will not have any concerns regarding the future.

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