Kalın: Muslims should renounce Eurocentrism

Published 08.10.2017 23:52

Presidential spokesperson İbrahim Kalın said that European-centered policies should be a thing of the past, emphasizing that the Muslim world should adopt a critical approach regarding such matters rather than acting under the influence of Eurocentric policies.

Speaking at Al-Sharq Forum, Kalın stressed that countries should no longer be fixed on Eurocentric policies, as the current problems cannot be solved on the basis of a European approach, adding that the current approach to issues does not establish justice.

Kalın reiterated President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's motto, "The world is bigger than five," saying that members of the U.N. Security Council do not want to give up their privileges. The presidential spokesman asserted that the U.N. Security Council cannot provide security, stressing that the efforts made by Muslim countries in this context are crucial for the future. Kalın expressed that countries are acting under the influence of European-centered policies. "In addition to increasing the number of countries in the U.N. Security Council, we should change the way we perceive culture, politics and the economy," Kalın asserted, going on to say that countries should criticize the system to change the perception.

Giving a speech at the forum on Oct.7, Kalın said the EU turns its back on refugees until the EU itself is faced with the same problem. "When the EU was faced with the refugee problem they were able to perceive it as such, leading them to make a deal with Turkey," Kalın said.

Stressing that Turkey's open door policy will continue to be active for refugees, Kalın said Turkey will continue to keep its word of hosting refugees without discriminating them.

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