20,000 people in support of EU bailout rally in Athens

Published 30.06.2015 22:17
Updated 01.07.2015 00:56
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Reuters Photo

At least 20,000 people filled the streets and Syntagma Square in Athens on Tuesday to support Greece's bailout deal with the European Union.

The country is left on the verge of default after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras stated that Greece will not pay its 1.6 billion-euro debt to the International Monetary Fund.

Thousands of people were seen waving European and Greek flags as they gathered in front of the Greek Parliament building in Syntagma square and chanted: "Take the bailout and go!"

A national referendum is set to be held on whether or not to accept the bailout on Sunday. European officials and Greek opposition parties have warned a "no" vote in the referendum that will lead Greece out of the eurozone and potentially out of the broader 28-country European Union.

The government has responded by saying this is scaremongering, and that a rejection of creditor demands will mean the country is in a better negotiating position. Tsipras was defiant in a television interview late Monday, urging voters to reject creditors' demands.
Greeks began adjusting to the new reality of restricted cash. Pensioners have been hit particularly hard, as many do not have bank cards and are completely cut off from cash.
The finance ministry said it would open about 1,000 bank branches across the country for three days from Wednesday to allow pensioners without bank cards to make withdrawals. But the limit for them would be set at 120 euros for the whole week, rather than the 60 euros per day allowed for those with bank cards.

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