Germany to send 4 more jets to Syria in fight against Daesh


Germany is to deploy four tornado reconnaissance jets to help fight the Daesh group in Syria on January 5 next year, an air force spokesman told dpa on Tuesday.

On that day, the jets will set off from two military airfields in the north and west of Germany for NATO's İncirlik airbase in southern Turkey, he said.

From there, a total of six tornado jets are set to head to Syria in mid-January, where they will carry out reconnaissance tasks and offer support to the international military alliance fighting against Daesh there.

Two reconnaissance jets were already deployed to Syria in December, which the air force has said will return to Germany in January 2016.

Germany pledged support to the coalition in the wake of last month's terrorist attacks in Paris, which were claimed by the terrorist network. The government voted to provide 1,200 troops, reconnaissance jets and refueling aircraft, but Germany will not conduct bombing missions.

Daesh is being targeted by airstrikes in Syria and neighboring Iraq carried out by a number of countries, including France, the United States, Britain.

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