Daesh terror suspects arrested by Italy were planning attacks, prosecutor says

Published 28.04.2016 14:31
emReuters Photo/em
Reuters Photo

The suspected terrorist sympathizers targeted by Italian arrest warrants were not just preparing to join Daesh in Syria and Iraq, but were also planning terrorist attacks in Italy, prosecutors say.

Investigators intercepted conversations the suspects had with people from Syria and Iraq that contained "a request to carry out attacks on Italian soil," Milan prosecutor Maurizio Romanelli says in a press conference.

Those arrested "had very bad intentions" as they were "urged to consider the possibility of carrying out attacks or violent acts also in Italy," Interior Minister Angelino Alfano tells the Mattino 5 news program.

In April, Daesh terrorist group released a video suggesting it may carry out further attacks in the West, naming London, Berlin and Rome as possible targets.

Daesh has claimed responsibility for bombings that killed 31 people in Brussels in March and attacks in Paris last November that killed 130.

The video showed images of the House of Commons in London and Rome's Colosseum.

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