Austrian far-right candidate proposes Turkish passport blocks

Published 14.08.2016 00:00
Updated 14.08.2016 15:52
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Norbert Hofer, the far-right Freedom Party's (FPÖ) candidate for president of Austria, said in an interview that he supports the burka ban in Austria and blocking negotiations with Turkey over EU accession.

In a question related to a proposed burka ban, the Local quoted Hofer as saying "Yes, and I think [a ban] makes sense."

The Local reported that Hofer also "called for an investigation into the rapid mobilization of Turkish residents in Austria." He said some Turks should keep their Turkish citizenship but called for a ban on the naturalization of Turks living in Austria until the dual citizenship issue can be solved.

After the failed coup attempt in Turkey, more than 5,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Vienna.

He even went further by saying if Turkey joins the EU or if the EU does not allow more freedom for member states, then he would work for an Austrian exit from the EU.

Hofer lost by a whisker in May to former Greens party leader Alexander van der Bellen in an election that Austria's constitutional court this month ordered re-run given vote count irregularities. Hofer has widened his lead according to a Gallup poll ahead of October's repeat election for the Austrian presidency. If successful, he would be the first far-right head of state in a European Union country.

Recently, support for far-right and anti-migrant parties across Europe has surged, especially over fears of an influx of refugees fleeing violence and persecution in the Middle East and Africa. Political parties like the Alternative for Germany (AfD) in Germany or Front National (FN) in France have adopted a strong anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim discourse.

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