Woman on trial in Germany for locking her baby in suitcase next to a skeleton


A woman accused of locking her newborn baby in a suitcase that also contained the corpse of another baby denied that she had intended to kill the child as she appeared before a German court
on Friday.

The 22-year-old Laura S., who is facing charges of attempted manslaughter and negligence, said she had made sure the suitcase was ventilated and warm enough for the baby girl's survival before apologizing for her behavior.

The woman's 19-year-old partner, Rico P., discovered the suitcase in September in a storage room in their shared apartment before contacting the police.

The little girl was found completely covered with her own urine and with a cold body temperature of 35.5 Celsius, in addition to an infection.

In March 2016 Laura S. found out that she was pregnant. Fearing that she would lose her partner Rico P., she kept the pregnancy a secret and gave birth to her child alone in her apartment bathroom on September 24.

She then wrapped the baby girl in a towel and locked her in the suitcase in the storeroom, placing it in front of the heater under a tilted window.

Laura S. went to school and work every day for the following four days, only breastfeeding the newborn when her partner was not in the apartment, until Rico P. discovered the suitcase.

A separate investigation into the death of the other baby, who died in January 2015, has been suspended because experts could not determine whether it had been a stillborn.

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