McLaren owner in Germany claims donkey ate car

Published 28.09.2017 19:55
Updated 28.09.2017 19:56
McLaren owner in Germany claims donkey ate car

The owner of a pricy McLaren sports car is in court to try to get a donkey owner to pony up for an alleged 5,000 euros in damage caused when the animal chomped the backside of the vehicle.

The dpa news agency reported Thursday the McLaren owner filed a complaint in Giessen state court after the donkey owner refused reimbursement for the incident last September.

At the time, police posited the donkey may have mistaken the orange McLaren that was parked up against his enclosure as a giant carrot when he bit the back, damaging the paint job and a carbon-fiber piece.

Local media reported the owner of the donkey refused to pay for the damage, telling the McLaren owner he should have picked a better parking place.

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