Spanish police raid Catalan gov’t telecommunications center, reports say

Published 30.09.2017 13:17
Updated 30.09.2017 13:21
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Reuters Photo

Spanish police raided the Catalan government's telecommunications and information technology center on Saturday, La Vanguardia newspaper reported, citing RAC1 radio station.

Police and Spain's Interior Ministry could not confirm the raid. A judge on Friday ordered Google to remove an application that gave information about the banned Catalan referendum on independence from Spain planned for Sunday.

Meanwhile, Catalan police told parents that they must vacate schools so officers could carry out orders to impede the Catalan vote.

Parents supporting the referendum have organized across the northeastern region to occupy schools throughout the weekend so they can be used as polling stations come Sunday morning.

Yoga sessions, film screenings and picnics have been organized at some of the 2,315 voting facilities that referendum supporters are trying to keep police from shutting down.

The Spanish government considers the referendum illegal and the country's Constitutional Court has suspended it, but regional separatists have vowed to go ahead with balloting.

The Catalan police force is under orders to empty the buildings by early Sunday. Officers have been directed to refrain from using violence to remove parents and students.

How the 17,000 regional officers respond to the vacate order is seen as key to the success or failure of the planned vote.

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