2 injured after small plane crashes on train tracks near Italy's Rome

Published 28.10.2017 20:10

A small aeroplane crashed Saturday onto a high-speed railway line in the northern outskirts of Rome, injuring the two people on board the plane and disrupting train services.

The accident took place near Roma Urbe, a small civilian airport on the Via Salaria, the Adnkronos news agency said, adding that emergency services were on the scene.

The cause wasn't immediately known. An official said that two trains that were nearby were able to stop in time.

Italy's railway company said the accident caused "big delays," as high-speed trains between Rome and Florence had been diverted to regular-speed tracks and were running up to 60 minutes late.

The railway said that in the meantime, traffic was being diverted to other tracks, creating delays of up to an hour.

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