Teacher detained for sexually harassing 9-year-old at Gülen-linked school in Romania

Published 31.03.2018 15:48
Updated 31.03.2018 16:16

A physical training teacher working in a school run by the Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ) in the Romanian capital Bucharest has been detained Friday for sexually harassing a 9-year-old student.

Romanian media outlets reported that the 40-year-old teacher working in the Spectrum Primary School was detained after a complaint by victim's parent.

The 9-year-old child's mother told the press that the incident had occurred last week, and that she immediately informed the police after her daughter told her what happened.

She reportedly became aware of the incident after the 9-year-old girl started hiding behind other students not to come across the teacher. Other students notified the school administration about the girl's behavior.

The FETÖ-linked Spectrum International Schools network runs eight schools in Romania, while a higher education institution named Lumina Educational Institutions also operates in the country.

Despite Turkey's efforts to end the terrorist group's presence in the international educational sector, FETÖ continues to run a vast school network, especially in the U.S., masking its flow of money and sympathizers while establishing contacts on a local and national scale.

FETÖ schools often face local investigations for misuse of public funds and for hiring unqualified teachers.

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