Biggest group of failed Afghan asylum seekers to date deported from Germany

Published 04.07.2018 00:00
Updated 04.07.2018 15:22

A group of 69 rejected Afghan asylum seekers arrived in war-torn Afghanistan's capital on Wednesday after being deported from Germany, officials told dpa.

It was the largest group since the start of direct deportation flights from Germany in December 2016.

They arrived in Kabul around 08:40 am (0410 GMT) on a chartered plane from Munich, migration officials who spoke on condition of anonymity said.

One migration official accused the German government of breaking an agreement to not place more than 50 passengers on board of such flights.

Asked about the high number, German police allegedly told him they wanted to make up for the low number of people on past flights.

The largest group deported from Germany had been 34.

The latest collective deportation from Germany was the 14th since December 2016. Including Wednesday's flight, more than 300 people have been deported.

Germany had halted collective deportations after a May 2017 truck bombing in front of the German embassy in Kabul killed more than 90 people and injured some 400 others.

But Berlin restarted deportations in September in three categories: suspected terrorists, criminals, and individuals who did not cooperate with the German government regarding their documents.

The deportations are taking place amid a worsening security situation in Afghanistan.

The Taliban militants are refusing to come to the peace table and are intensifying offensives against the government and security forces. In addition, the Daesh terror group is increasing their attacks in urban areas.

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