Swedes throw impromptu ‘pool’ party after flash floods swamp train station

Published 30.07.2018 18:36
Updated 30.07.2018 18:42

Just as Sweden began recovering from dozens of raging wildfires sparked by a scorching heat wave that engulfed most of Europe, the Scandinavian country was hit by another disaster on Sunday: flash floods.

Although a weekend of rain was welcomed by firefighters still battling to bring some fires under control, commuters were not as excited about the unexpected downpour.

Most people at Sweden's Uppsala central train station were seen muttering angrily as they struggled to walk through knee-high waters while carrying their bags and luggage above their heads. However, as in all situations, some managed to look on the bright side and turn the flood into a day of fun.

With the underpass, escalators and corridors partly under water, the train station resembled a huge swimming pool, and a group of people decided to treat it like one - literally.

Så här mycket har folk längtat efter regn. Folkfest på Uppsala Centralstation. Urspårat! ❤️🌧🌧

Manne Forssberg (@manneforssberg.se)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi ()

From flippers to diving masks, pool floats to water pistols, the adventurous Swedes were determined to turn this "minor" inconvenience into summer fun.

Even though the water was not exactly fit for swimming hygiene-wise, it didn't stop families from splashing around.

"The water was really dirty! It was OK… but we really needed a long shower after," local photographer Sarah Thoren told The Local.

After a short delay, the water was pumped out by the Uppsala municipality late Sunday.

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