Painter in search of change and dynamism

Published 10.06.2015 00:42
Updated 10.06.2015 00:48

In her abstract expressionist paintings introduced under the title "Arayış" (Quest), artist Birce Yıldız examines the formation of earth, its structure and organization, while exploring the relationship between the material world which we can see every day, and immaterial dimensions. Yıldız believes all formations that we can detect around us are created from fluid and changing energy masses. They are continuously mobile and reflect an immaterial organization. The general themes of Yıldız's paintings are the origin of material, movement, variability, earth, cycles, repetitive formations in nature, fluidity, the formation of the universe and organization. Yıldız first presented a similar solo exhibition "Evren Üzerine Doğaçlamalar" (Improvisations on the Universe) in 2008 at the Ziraat Bank Art Gallery. Two years later, she continued her exhibition series with "Mistik Doğaçlamalar (Mystical Improvisations). The latest one, which opened on June 6, demonstrates how her paintings have been developed with new interpretations. Born in 1979 in Istanbul, Yıldız graduated from the Liceo Italianoin (Italian High School) 1998. During the same year, she enrolled in Kocaeli University's Department of Art to study painting. In 2003, she began working on her master's degree at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University's Department of Painting and graduated with her dissertation titled "Soyut Resmin Düşünsel Dayanakları" (Intellectual Basis of Abstract Art) three years later. She currently continues her work at her workshop in Istanbul and has special works in national and international collections.

When: Until June 16

Where: Niş Art Gallery

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