Free baklava for all in Fatih

Published 30.06.2015 20:25
Updated 01.07.2015 01:00

To mark a 500-year-old Turkish tradition, "baklava" (an eastern Mediterranean sweet) will be distributed to people in Istanbul's Fatih district with a magnificent ceremony. The tradition first began during the period of Süleyman the Magnificent and continued for 500 years. Istanbul residents used to curiously wait for the distribution of baklava on Ramadan. The janissaries would deliver the baklava trays, which were carried from Topkapı Palace through the Divan route and the barracks. Now, the Fatih Municipality is animating this tradition at the same place where the tradition was born: Sultanahmet Square. On July 4, a hundred municipality personnel wearing janissary clothes will animate the baklava ceremony at the huge square, which has been set up for this ceremony, where 10,000 pieces of baklava will be distributed.

When: July 4

Where: The Sultanahmet Square

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