‘Wish Factory' to be screened at Italian Cultural Center

‘Wish Factory' to be screened at Italian Cultural Center

Italian Cultural Center screens director Banu Alagöz's film "Wish Factory" Wednesday. It is a traditional belief that the wishes of those who light a candle at the Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Beyoğlu come true. This belief brings hundreds of Christians, Muslims, rich, poor, young and old together under the same roof. To meet the demand for candles, they are produced in a room of the church. The almost spent candles are collected and melted in a bowl so the leftover wax can be used for new candles. Living in Tarlabaşı, Henry, 24, came to Istanbul from Nigeria and works on the Sunday Masses as a church volunteer. Henry plays football in an amateur league and lives in poverty. His work at the church and his desire to help people are the only things that keep him go on. Yolanthe, 29, whose husband is a football player on Galatarasay lives in a residence. Although her life seems bright on the outside, she tries to keep balance with prayer and charity work at the Catholic church. As the founder of the charity Follow Your Heart, Yolanthe works to end the suffering of children around the world. On Christmas, while Yolanthe and her husband Wesley Sneijder take their seats at the church, Henry is also there to make his wish.

When: Wednesday, at 7:00 p.m.

Where: Casa d'Italia Theater

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