Ankara to host special opera performances


The Ankara State Opera and Ballet (ADOB) is presenting a full program to celebrate the New Year. The three-act operetta "Der Zigeunerbaron" (The Gypsy Baron), a masterpiece by Austrian composer Johann Strauss II, will premiere today. This colorful and rich operetta which has been performed in concerts around the world for over a century is set in 18th century Hungary. The operetta follows the life of Barinkay, who returns to his native Hungary to claim the lands that he inherited from his family. He arrives to find Zsupan, a pig farmer, occupying his family's land. Later, Barinkay offers Zsupan's daughter his hand in marriage, but Arsena is in love with someone else. She tells Barinkay that she is a descendant of the aristocracy and can only marry someone of noble birth. With nothing left to offer, Barinkay is suddenly declared as Baron by the gypsies. Soon, he falls in love with a gypsy girl, Saffi, who has the most beautiful voice in the world; however, when Barinkay learns that Saffi is actually the daughter of an Ottoman pasha, he decides that he does not deserve her and enlisted in the army to fight the Spaniards. Upon his outstanding success in battle, Barinkay is declared a real Baron and is then eligible to marry Saffi.

When: Friday

Where: The ADOB Stage, Ankara

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