Experience on offer for new understanding of dance

Published 28.04.2016 00:00

Aerial Dance under the guidance of Önder Çevik will take place on April 30 at Akbank Sanat. Aerial Dance is an exercise method that regulates body energy and posture with the help of gravity. As a part of this system, there is a technical discipline blending dance, Pilates, condition, acrobats and relaxation and stretching moves. Enriched by these activities and most importantly turning gravity into an advantage, this discipline allows its followers to achieve more flexibility, strength and balance with less energy. Realigning the body is a great tool to purge the body of emotional impurities emerging from the brain, such as stress. In this technique, gravity works in synergy with the sense of space. Additionally, the discipline lets one experience the incredible sense of flight.

When: April 30

Where: Akbank Sanat

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