British stand-up mogul in Istanbul for one-night show

Published 27.06.2016 00:00

The Istanbul franchise of the legendary Hard Rock Cafe is to host Take Me Up the Bosphorus's standup comedy night in English, which is hosted by Aslı Akbay, the founder of the Take Me Up the Bosphorus standup crew. British comedian Aidan Goatley will be the guest artist. Goatley has performed sold-out shows in Dubai, London, Edinburgh and in every other part of the U.K. A talented storyteller, Goatley blends entertaining stories with emotional depth. Goatley's debut one-man show, "10 Films My Dad," ran for five years and became one of the most marginal shows that Edinburgh has every had. The show also inspired a namesake book that was the book of the week in the Daily Mail as well. Goatley returned to the spotlight in 2016 with his new show, "The Joys of Retail," which has been praised by critics. Goatley's Istanbul show will be entirely in English, and entrance is free of charge.

When: Tuesday

Where: Hard Rock Cafe, Istanbul

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