Pink Martini to perform in Istanbul again

Published 27.06.2016 22:21
Updated 27.06.2016 22:22
Pink Martini to perform in Istanbul again

Founded by Thomas M. Lauderdale, American band Pink Martini will perform in Istanbul, Bodrum and Turkish Cyprus as a part of their European tour. According to the statement released from the concerts organizer, Paison Turca, the members of Pink Martini, who call their sound as "global pop," said: "Turkey is like our home. We have become like a family with Paison Turca for the last 15 years. We have performed all over Turkey, including Istanbul, Bodrum, İzmir, Ankara and Çeşme along with Turkish Cyprus. Turkey and especially Istanbul is a very special place for us. Each time we leave Turkey with good memories and wait impatiently to come back." The band calls themselves as "world citizens and the ambassadors of music" and say: "We have an obligation to know about different cultures and histories. We are a U.S.-based band but we spend most of our time in Europe. Our biggest goal is to reach out to a large audience base." The band was founded in Portland, Oregon in 1994 by Harvard graduate musician Thomas M. Lauderdale. So far, Pink Martini received gold and platinum record awards with their albums "Sympathique," "Hang on Little Tomato," "Hey Eugene!" "Splendor in the Grass," "Joy to the World," "1969," "A Retrospective," "Get Happy" and "Dream A Little Dream." Their songs have been featured in many film and TV series' soundtracks and they perform a wide range of genres from French chansons to 1930s Cuban music. Pink Martini performed at Cannes Film Festival for the first time in Europe and had sold-out concerts in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Greece and Lebanon.

When: July 17, 19, 21

Where: Istanbul, Bodrum and Turkish Cyprus

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