Open air cinema to screen 'Far From Men'

Published 05.08.2016 01:35
Updated 05.08.2016 01:36

UNIQ Open Air Stage continues to screen films throughout the summer. On Aug. 7, David Oelhoffen's "Far From Men" will be shown. Adapted from Albert Camus' short story "Visitor," the film competed for the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. "Far From Men" is set in Algeria in the 1950s and carries the traces of American westerns. Daru is a teacher in a small village. He was born in Algeria, but since he is descended from Spaniards, he is seen as a stranger by both Algerians and the French who occupy the territory. He is assigned to take an opponent to the government to the military garrison. Daru had served in the French army previously and he begins to question his own loyalty during the trip.

When: Aug. 7

Where: UNIQ Open-Air Stage, Istanbul

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