Princes' Islands gathers artists together

Published 22.08.2016 23:52

The Traditional Islander Painters Exhibition, focusing on the artworks produced by painters from Istanbul's islands, will continue at Adalar Cultural Center until Aug. 26. This year's exhibition hosts the works of 37 painters. During the 40s and 50s, painters such as İbrahim Çallı, Mehmet Ali Laga, Ayetullah Sumer, Şeref Akdik, İlhami Demirci, Hamit Görele and Kemal Zeren were influenced by the natural beauty, romantic atmosphere and serenity of the Prince Islands. As they wanted to display their works, the Splendid Hotel began to host their paintings, since there were art galleries on the islands at that time. The hotel began to display the artworks every summer and these exhibitions later welcome painters such as Zeki Faik İzer, Sabri Berkel, Erdal Alantar, Hüseyin Bilişik, Kristin Saleri, Hasan Kavruk, along with the locals of the islands Pindaros Platonidis and Mıgır Ardan. In the 60s, the interest in the exhibition increased and the organizers searched for new places to display the artworks. During these years, the basement of Anadolu Club was used as the exhibition venue for the shows put up by the committee composed of painters Ayetullah Sumer, Nevzat Kasma and Kemal Zere. In time, the locals of the islands were encouraged to paint and competitions for amateur painters were held. Since then, the Prince Islands have been hosting one of the most distinguished painting exhibitions of Istanbul. If you do not want to miss the 55th edition of the exhibition, visit the islands until Aug. 26.

When: Until Aug. 26

Where: Adalar Cultural Center, Istanbul

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